Tuesday, February 10, 2009

January Jones - Vanity Fair

Since 'Mad Men' won the 2009 Golden Globe for Best Television Series: Drama, I've been on the lookout for anything to do with the series and this is what my wife found and smartly drew to my attention the other day in the grocery store. I guess 'va-va-voom' is just the kind of 1960's reaction you'd expect when seeing January Jones' (from AMC's 'Mad Men') photos in Vanity Fair this month. There are more photos (various stages of revealing) and as of this writing you can see them on Vanity Fair's website (vanityfair.com). Check them out. Yes I am a 'Mad Men' fan and yes I am a January Jones fan. Can't wait for the series to start up again. I expect more publicity as the series ramps up for it's third season to begin broadcasting this summer.

Our Black President - Short Satire

You really don't see or hear the word 'negro' much - that's why when used in a satirical historical context like in the following short mockumentary-style film, it's kind of shocking.