Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A New Dawn - A Historical Night

God, I hope the 2008 Presidential Election lives up to its promise. It's a mandate for change to our nation's leaders. Stop the systematic destruction of our country. Find your moral center. Heal and rebuild. Do your job.

This is a great night for America - a historical, wonderful evening. My wish for Barack Obama, the 44th President (elect) of our nation is to fulfill our collective expectation of him as a glorious leader, able to inspire us to come together, end the divisive partisan bickering, and act for the betterment of us all and future generations. Our kids deserve something better than what has been going on since the '80's, when Reagan took office, and the dawn of modern, divisive politics arguably began.

I love that tonight's speech sought to bring us together in a way that hasn't been heard on the national scene since Kennedy (both John and Bobby). It's corny, but if Oprah can speak to our better selves from the 'pulpit' of her talk show, then CERTAINLY the President can, from his rightful place as a respected worldwide leader, in the oval office.

I look forward to our nation being uplifted and respected again throughout the world, with our economic infrastructure and wounded national pride on its way to restoration, by an articulate, soul-stirring, inspirational, exciting, inclusive, intelligent leader. It's what has been missing for so very long. It's what I have yearned and ached for and it's what we all, as Americans, deserve.

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David said...

Here we are, a couple months later, the promise delayed because of horse-and-buggy era time frame. In this day and age, it seems we could do what they do in England. The new guy moves in the next day. And if that's too fast, 30 days, max. As it is we have to wait 78 days for the people without a plan (or a clue) to leave, so the man with a plan can put it into play. So much has been lost in this interminable interregnum.