Thursday, January 15, 2009

Funny Video Regarding Obama's Press Conference Style

The past eight years represents to me a kind of 'Dark Ages' from which we, as Americans, are about to emerge. Yes, let's all step into the light! I am grateful and looking forward to a President of which we can all be proud, who represents what is right and fair and true about the best that America has to offer. Over the years, I stood in abject disbelief as pro-Bush politicos defended his idiocy with partisan rhetoric which was neither thoughtful or truthful. Unbelievable! All it did was drive me away from political discussion because somehow it always led to anger and derision. Plus, I was made to think less of my family and friends who spouted that rhetoric and those feelings disgusted me.
The frustrating thing was - I got really, really tired of being represented by an inarticulate, close-minded buffoon. Hopefully, better times are around the corner (we just have to get through a few wars and a global financial crisis) but with an intelligent man like Obama at the helm, I can't wait for the inauguration. It'll be truly the 'End of an Error'.

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