Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bush War Crimes?

There has been talk lately about trying Bush for war crimes, crimes against humanity and/or failure to adhere to the agreed upon tenets of the Geneva Conventions. Several books have been written, outlining in detail easily over 250 instances where war crimes were commited by Bush and his Administration. At the very least, there is a movement that promotes investigating the crimes of our political leaders by the International Criminal Court.

One book, written by Vincent Bugliosi (famous Charles Manson murders prosecutor) entitled 'The Prosecution of George W Bush for Murder', argues that because Bush misled the country into war with Iraq, he should be criminally held responsible for the deaths of American soldiers.

I believe that the war crimes should at least be investigated as Jonathan Turley suggests in the video, as a matter of principle during Obama's term as president. And the sooner, the better. I mean, the statement 'When Clinton lied, nobody died' holds true. Bush avoided impeachment during his terms in office, but he should be held accountable if he broke the law, which it appears he has, numerous times.

Cheney, too.

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